If you do not have a Designer Inspirations Consultant in your area, the next best choice is to host a Virtual Party. You’ve probably heard of catalog parties. A group will get together, the host will distribute catalogs, and the participants purchase items from the catalog. Our Virtual Party takes this a step further. At a “Virtual Party”, the host can have actual samples of the product so than the guests get a real sense of the products quality. Catalogs and order forms are distributed, and a DVD is viewed so that the guests are shown the product item for item. The video will show things that a catalog cannot. For example, the video will show the relationship to size. How large or small is the purse in relationship to the person carrying it? How large is one purse compared to another.

Also, the guest will see the product viewed from all angles. Are there zip pockets on the back? Are the color patterns continuous on all sides? Although not every item is shown on the video, the guests will get a real sense of size, shape, and quality, of most items. Here’s how you can order a “Virtual Party”. Our standard package includes 10 catalogs, 30 invitations and order forms, and a DVD. The standard package is $25.00. To upgrade the standard package with samples, choose a minimum of (3) Designer Inspirations purses and receive 25 percent off the list price. Just like any party, the host earns credits for free merchandise. For every dollar in sales, you will receive a 10 percent credit. For example, a $780.00 party will earn $78.00 in free merchandise. We will hold the party open for 2 weeks so that any sales that take place after the date of your party will be credited to you! It’s a great way to have fun and earn free merchandise. Please contact us for your “Virtual Party” package.